SALVI Eletro Fittings produces all the hardware and accessories used in transmission lines and electrical substations, including suspension clamps, splice and repair gloves, compression dies and tools, terminals, grounding connectors, etc.

It is also specialized in complete anchoring systems and other accessories for cross rope systems. All components of the hardware and accessories produced are subjected to rigorous mechanical and electrical tests and trials.

RIV/Corona tests and power arcs are performed, when necessary, on the insulator chains. Mechanical break, slip and torque tests are always applied to the components.

Conductor cable fittings

The company’s product line includes: suspension and anchoring set, damper spacers, damper and accessories with mechanical and electrical tests required by standards.

SALVI Electro Fittings uses special screws that, upon request, can be supplied with a rounded head and a grooved nut to allow the tips of the split pin to accommodate themselves within the geometric limits of its contour.

Anti-corona rings and their combinations with arc protection devices are also offered, following IEC 61467 standards. All ferrous products receive surface protection by hot galvanizing, in accordance with national and international standards.

Hardware for cable guard

Several types of suspension and anchors for guard cable are available, depending on the cable used and its corresponding traction.

In the case of OPGW, there are suspension clamps armed with an option for articulation coinciding with the center line of the cable, suspended or supported on trestles, in the most diverse combinations to meet different specifications. The anchors are built with two preformed sets, one for protection and the other one for anchoring.

Sets for expanded beam lines.

Projects developed on demand.

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