Vibration Damping System

SALVI Eletro Fittings developed an exclusive program to predict the behavior of conductors and guard cables that, under the action of winds, enter the vibration process.

Hardware and accessories

SALVI Eletro Fittings produces all the hardware and accessories used in transmission lines and electrical substations, including suspension clamps, splice and repair gloves, compression dies and tools, terminals, grounding connectors, etc.

Solar Energy Solutions

Currently, the SICAME Group brings together all its technical knowledge and 60 years of experience in a unique and innovative solution for connecting solar parks.

Maquette 3D Souterrain HTA_0


Sicame supplies a wide range of cable accessories for underground networks up to 36kV, including internal and external terminations, straight or branch splices, for unipolar or tripolar cables.

Amendments reinforcement and repairs

Salvi Eletro Fittings manufactures preformed reinforcement and preformed aluminum repair that provides high protection to the cable and optical fibers. The pre-formed reinforcement and pre-formed steel loop, in turn, offers the advantage of providing a constant radial clamping force on the cable, which prevents any damage to the cable itself and to the optical fibers.

Transmission tower on Sun sky background

Accessories to OPGW

Salvi Eletro Fittings produces all the protection, anchoring and suspension accessories for the OPGW cable, in the most diverse combinations to meet different specifications

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